life lessons of winter

This is the deepest I've ever seen the snow fall around my garden Buddha. And there's more on the way, or so the weather forecasts tell me.

Yesterday, I really thought I had reached my inner tipping point. I was done. I couldn't stand any more winter, thank you very much. Let it be spring already! I felt like jumping up and down, having a temper tantrum, the same way I would have done when I was three years old:

ARGHHHHHH. Go away winter!!!!

But of course, I woke up this morning to another snow day (really, it was ice and sleet, but the road conditions were such that school and university were both cancelled, even though it really isn't as bad as all that and now it's 11 am and it's drizzling - yes, school was cancelled for light rain. Sigh. The forecast said 3-8 inches of snow/ice).

And what choice do I have to make but to keep standing it? Keep embracing it, although it hurts, this cold. (I'm taking extra baths, that seems to help a lot.) I could continue to rail against what is, but I'm only hurting myself.

It may or may not have helped to have imagined myself as three years old, screaming at the winter. I suspect it did help a little, because I woke up feeling much less annoyed about the cold. Although that may just be the fuzziness from having run out of caffeinated coffee (I had to use decaf and I am not awake yet).

Meanwhile, my family is home, we are warm, the power didn't go out, the roads look clear enough that we're going to go shopping in a couple of hours and all is well.

I'm never going to love being cold (it hurts too much). But I can accept that it is. I can embrace staying warm and getting through it. I can live in such a way that I'm not causing myself more harm by wanting the cold to go away.

The life lessons of winter.

(Yours might come in a different season.)