on not watching the sochi olympics

The last summer Olympics were the first time Remy was cognoscente of what it could mean, to bring many countries together in a spirit of friendly sports competition. Hearing him cheer on each country as they marched into the arena is a memory I'll cherish for the rest of my life.

I did not watch the Winter Olympics because I dislike sports or don't value the athletes of the world. I did not watch because I hate Russia or the Russian people. (My SIL is Russian and I adore her and her family!)

I did not watch the Winter Olympics because what is happening in Russia, right now, politically (and the atrocities in other countries that the Russian government is supporting), is not something I believe deserves my support. I cannot in good conscious give my viewership or support to the IOC, when they picked this country knowing full well the way their political agenda was going.

It made me sad, not watching. It made me sad, watching my Canadian friends swell with excitement yesterday when their women's team won gold and not being able to click on the links to read about their win. I'm so happy for them, of course. But I just can't bring myself to watch or click.

And I completely understand those who aren't boycotting. I have no judgement, really. Olympic events are fun! I love snowboarding and short track and figure skating and... yeah. I love the Winter Olympics. Remy and M have actually watched a few events, on YouTube - so hopefully it won't count for revenue anymore - and Remy has been speed skating his stuffed animals around the house (and oh, then they bobsledded). I mean, seriously, that's SO cute! Bobsledding cats are adorbs! How could I not support something that creates that kind of cuteness?

I can't support the Sochi Olympics because my empathy for the Russian people, and for the Ukrainian people and the Syrian people who are being terrorized with the support of the Russian government is greater than my desire to watch a really awesome long program skate.

I was actually wavering before the Games started. M had brought up a good point (which is that the Olympic athletes and delegates are bringing LGBTT people into Russia and that may give Russian LGBTT people hope) but once they started, I just couldn't bring myself to watch.

And I still can't. I haven't seen any of it. I didn't watch any figure skating or short track or any of the events that I really enjoy.

I know my not watching does not really do anything, in the long run. Does not actually help keep LGBTT people from jail. From being beaten. From hate that I cannot shield them from. All I can do from here is state my support for love. I can keep working towards bringing more love into the world. To send my love.

(All I have is love.)

Only love.