poeming on a thursday

The Most Awful Poem I Could Write

would TRY too hard to convey my deep emotions...
would want you to sympathize with my sorrow
                                                      (my shame)
                                                        (my horror)
(or g-d forbid                                      my ecstasy)

the most awful poem i could write
And cApItaLiZe ranDomlY
(My high school creative writing teacher's Pet Peeve)

the most awful poem I could write

would have no imagery, no story, no wonder
would be mired down with all of the littlest words
(of and how this that if why and but of for a from)
superfluous hemmings and hawings
                                                     all sound, no meaning


or maybe the most awful poem would have murgled words!
flabertygasbudge of proprosity, whose kreepiring mustases serms!
Jishjangled into demogifrying giggregilty - awestreckring ergle orgors!

(and too many exclamation marks!!!)

but still, I think (somewhere down deep, below all my schooling)
                                                     (aggrandizing the poet)
I am pretty darn sure
                                    (more superfluous words)
                                                                 (excessive line breaks)

the worst poem I could write
is the poem I don't have the time
(guts, passion, interest) to write

(cliche, cliche, cliche)

although maybe this poem will give that unwritten poem a run for the money

(wanting too hard to be the worst will never might make it so)