random hearting

so much love in a random double exposure heart

Once upon a time, my husband bought me a fourth generation iPod touch (the first one with a camera) for mother's day because I was craving Hipstamatic. I already had a non-camera iPod touch and I was using it with photos from my real camera, but I needed the new iPod to get Hipstamatic and so it was.

Later, I switched to an Android device (because of the huge screen - I'm still reading a lot of books on that device) and I missed Hipstamatic, but I realized I still had my old iPod, so I used that when I needed a Hipsta fix.

When I decided to upgrade to a smart phone this summer, I choose a Windows 8 phone in large part after finding out Nokia had struck a deal with Hipstamatic, giving us Oggl on our platform. Oh my goodness, I love my phone. Windows 8 may or may not be your cup of tea for a computing device, but it is definitely mine. And I really, really, really love Oggl.

I love Oggl so much, it's the only app that has a full size icon on my start screen. I also have a full size WiFi icon - right now, it's one of my self-portrait double exposures, but usually, it's a photo of Remy or M or the two of them together. (I make the WiFi icon using a tile making app. One of the things I love most about Windows 8, how easy it is to customize everything!)

I still use my smart phone mostly as a WiFi only device, turning on the data plan only when we are out and about and need a phone number or have an immediate issue that needs addressing - not to randomly check FB. It's easy to do that, since I've had WiFi only devices for so long. I also turn the WiFi off when I'm not using it to conserve the battery and also to remind myself to be mindful of how much time I am spending on my phone.

(Another reminder, this wallpaper which I am using as my lock screen: eyes up, heart open. Yes.)

One of my favorite lenses on hipsta/oggl is the Salvador 84 lens with its randomized double exposure effect. On this photo, the steering wheel flips to make a heart. Embracing my love's hands. And that light! Oh yes.

Guess what my new WiFi icon is going to be?