seasonal juxtipositions

a new series seems to be being birthed. these seasonal/archival juxtapositions are calling me. (this one is a few photos of the NJ shore from 2012 and the snow/ice covered branches outside my office during our big February snow storm).

why? i am not yet sure. but i feel called to them. pulled to the nonduality of highlighting differences by putting them together in interesting combinations through multiple exposure. this feels like the branching out of the #lexsurrealsoul14 series (which continues to be mostly self-portraits, but also occasionally includes cameos by my family members). which is itself a branching out of my 365 project from last year.

since yesterday's multiple exposure, i've been trying to come up with a series title (that way I can hashtag them and make them easier to group together on instagram). but maybe the series isn't ready for a name. maybe it needs time to cultivate more. names shouldn't be forced. it will come in time.

in any case, this branching out, finding new avenues to explore, new creative leaps to take feels like a good sign: spring is coming!