snow day round 517: generosity day

Snow Day, Valentine's Day, Generosity Day, random day of the week (depending on your location on the planet, it could be Friday or Saturday). Take your pick and celebrate!

Me, I pick all four. Although generosity day gets my biggest thumbs up, I still like snuggling with my valentine and being romantic. Why not today? It's the day I have, right now. Plus, it's the Friday of a five day weekend and we're getting a little more snow tomorrow. Better celebrate while I can!

(My first generosity of the morning was offering to wake up with Remy so my love could sleep in a little. I did that knowing I could back to sleep, but look: I got some gorgeous photos from my generosity. I also got a grumpy outlook on life, since my morning nap wasn't as long as it should have been. Sigh.)