follow up: reevaluation

This past week has been anxiety city, waiting for the do-over of Remy's IEP. Thankfully it went much better than I was worried it would.

We decided that if we're going to agree to testing, we want a complete array of testing, so M talked to several of his colleagues and asked their advice. We went into today's meeting not knowing if we were going to be asking for "too much" or not, but once he mentioned those tests, the new team member who is in charge of that part of the testing started geeking out with him (seriously, they started talking about neural pathways, it was cute). We had no problem getting them on board with us.

Although I still don't quite understand why the rush to do this reevaluation this year instead of next, I feel ok about it now, with this new team in place.

We won't know the results of the reevaluation until May, so really the essential news right now is that we once again have a good team in place and it really does pay to get concerned and to keep demanding a team that gets where we are coming from (and is prepared and actually reads the medical history before the meeting).

(And again "team" in this context only applies to the people who are not employed by our school district directly. I'm still not a fan of outsourcing, but we will make it work for us because there's no other choice. And thankfully, the new team works for us.)