oh, it is still cold out

these really are just fun. pure fun. we'll be doing these in souling the self surreal. check it out!

 accepting and embracing what is during this oh-so-cold winter means accepting and embracing the shadow side of myself.

my personality is generally cheerful and excited. happy. i like being cheerful. i like being happy. i love laughing.

being overwhelmed makes me sour. oh, i'm sure overwhelm makes most people sour, but i notice it in myself since it is such a huge difference, energetically, from my natural state of being.

this cold overwhelms me. and there isn't much i can do about that, except try to keep finding ways to help myself feel less overwhelmed. it occurs to me that watching comedies might be one more way to help.

at least spring is starting to peek through the edges a little. tomorrow will be 40 degrees. that's better than below freezing. (today is a high of 28.)

right now, i'm still in the cold. right now, i am doing the best i can. right now, i am ok. not great, but ok.

right now, i am remembering there is a summer inside of me that i can touch.

(and a bathtub filled with hot water, which is calling my name.)