poeming in rhyming couplets on a tuesday

maybe lady

in the midst of all this crushing gray
whatcha gonna think, whatcha gonna say?

there's never time to work things out,
'spring is coming,' i hear you shout.

where's the introspective contemplation,
where's your soulful indignation?

you claim to hate this winter cold,
but then complain about getting old.

try this, try this, try:
see if you can wait awhile

before you start to fret
again. see if you can let

this beingness all around you expand.
see if the wonderousness of every land,

every season, every state of being, could calm
you down, relax your maybes. balm

for that weary dreary heavy hold
that fades you so much more than cold.


On Tuesdays, I start with the blank page (as always) and sometimes a poem is what comes, because Tuesday is the day I write my 52 weeks poeming project prompt (and so poeming is on my mind).

Last week was Dr Seuss' 100th birthday so I gave my class a rhyming couplet challenge.

Rhyme is NOT my forte. Like, not even a little. Oh, I can play rhyming games ala The Princess Bride. But it always feels like a game. ("Anybody want a peanut?") Well, of course it is. I'm not a serious rhymer. And I have to think about it way too hard and it changes the poem to think that much.

(So different from my normal style.)

Playing with rhyme today reminds me of how much fun it is to have no expectation that the end product will be "good." I can throw my expectations away, because it's "just" rhyming couplets.

(There are seriously amazing poems written in rhyming couplets, but mine will never be among them. And I'm ok with that.)

Letting go of my expectation that I'll be great at everything - it's just not a reasonable expectation, but it has permeated my life fairly strongly. So I choose to play with stuff I'm not so good at sometimes. This is important. This is a reminder that I am human. (And it is fun, too.)

Yeah, I could practice and get better at rhyming couplets.  But I don't want to. I don't want to get better at rhyming couplets. I like playing around with them on occasion, but I much prefer free form poeming. And so that's what I practice.