the obvious

I am not sure if it's just me (it may be) but over and over, I find myself being reminded of very simple things that seem obvious after the fact: 

* Cleaning the house (even just picking up and vacuuming and putting away the piles of my clothes that had built up) is always bound to make me feel better. 

* Cleaning the house as a family is the best, because then no one feels like they are doing all the work. (It's funny how each person in a household can feel like they're doing all the work and how valid all of those feelings are.) We divide chores by "person who hates doing it least" in our house which can get tricky when it comes to cleaning toilets but I it seems I hate it less than carrying laundry up and down stairs, so I win that chore and M wins laundry. (He lets me put away my own clothes, tho, because I'm particular about how to put them away.) 

* Cleaning the house and being able to throw the windows open and feel a (slightly warm) breeze is heavenly. 

* Buying flowers that I'm possibly allergic to the pollen of, is probably not a very great idea. Oops. They were really pretty, though.

* It's April next week and I haven't decided whether to run poeming into the now again and I think that means I'm just not going to do another session. I will still write a poem a day. (I will most likely post them here, at least a few times a week.) I just don't have it in me to a do a marketing blitz to get people to sign up. I am going to let it go. I do not need to give myself extra stress right now.

* Recovering from this winter is going to take me awhile, if only because this winter seems to be intent on staying for as long as possible. (It won't be as bad here as New England, but oy. I am not looking forward to  even a little more snow.)

* Reading this comic might help me pass the time until winter passes. What fun!

* And I remember this wisdom: the beauty in the complexity of my life. In the connections. In the gestalt.

* And I remember that I have all I need, right now.

* And I am thankful.