the same same of winter

I miss those wild azaleas...

"A big hurdle that none of us is spared (whether we know it or not): how to keep going and going, doing and doing, learning and learning, without becoming so set in our ways that we lose sight of (or our taste for) the stray, the different, the unexpected."

                                                       William Carlos Williams

winter scares me because i settle too much into the sameness of same routine. i stay inside (because cold). i see all the same bare trees. there's beauty in those bare branches, but the same same of it scares me.

i am a person who needs, maybe more than most, that stray, different, unexpected. adventure, we call this in our family. as in, "let's have an adventure!"

winter sucks the adventuring out of me.

(well not really. see: going to chicago. legoland. branching out artistically. although those are all what i would call mini-adventures.)

winter is actually a good to time to plan for the bigger adventures. we spent last winter planning our thai adventure, which was a lot of fun and meant we had a really great time.

m sent me this fun article in preparation for our next big adventure (tentatively planned for next year). but a year away is not soon enough for me right now. this particular winter has been too crushing.

but spring is coming. today is moving from freezing to 46*. i can handle that. (anything over freezing pleases me at this point.)

spring is coming.

(i am so ready for spring this year.)