This morning I am doing something different, writing from Starbucks on my new iPad mini. (My Instagram and tumbl from yesterday is filled with unboxing and test shots.)

The people behind me are having a job interview, and both apparently have special needs kids. (Oh holding my tongue, not to jump into the conversation. But it is not mine to jump into. Maybe as they are finishing up. If the time is right, just to say "yes, me too.")

Being seen is good. And my experience of parenting is that we all need to be seen, so very much. 

One of the reasons I bought this iPad mini was to help me get out of the house more. To bring my writing into the world, along side me. While I prefer writing alone, the option to be out and about is a good one. I don't have a laptop, since I switched back to having a desktop. Tablets seem to be the way to go. I don't even mind typing on the virtual keypad. 

(But not being able to sing along to the music here is annoying. Especially since they're playing songs I like.)

The other reason I bought this mini is to have more options in my photo editing. The photo above is something I played around with last night - using hipstamatic (Oggl), waterlogue (watercolor making app) and percolator (a new to me app that does mosiac patterns.) I found an app that allows me to download my own photos from Flickr, picasa and skydrive. That makes it easy peasy to create new pieces, like this one.

The background is one of the hispstamatic photos I took in Seattle, all that time ago. The photo of me is from yesterday. (That makes it a #archivallex photo). 

So far, so wonderful. I've started a new book from overdrive (still pushing it to kindle, since that opens up the most reading options for me). I've downloaded all the apps from my iPod touch that seem applicable. I've put the purple Smart Cover on. I've settled in to test this new device out. 

And so it unfolds and unfolds, this wonderful life.