unnecessary testing

it looks like i spoke too soon yesterday. should have known that at a meeting that three or four 'core' team members didn't make (because the outsourced team had scheduling issues which caused most of them to miss an entire day of ieps) we (teachers and parents) would have been talking to ourselves.

the decision we reached re: remy's iep has now been rescinded. the core team (which is outsourced) is now demanding reevaluation. (everyone at yesterday's meeting agreed, including the case manager, who was the only core team member there, that it wasn't needed because we don't need to change anything on his iep, except to add new goals, for next year. there's literally no need for testing. it won't change anything.)

the why of it seems financial. (the corporation that runs the outsourcing makes more money by charging the state for testing.) obviously, the team doesn't make this money (they're underpaid and overworked), but they are being pressured to do all this testing by their management. (so. obvious.)

(outsourcing as a general rule is a Very Bad Idea for special education. the core team - case manager, social worker, psychologist - are all outsourced this year in our district. there's rumors that next year will see the end of this "experiment" but no one is holding their breath.)

going into third grade, what is at the foremost of everyone's mind is testing. (how lucky i am to have an educator friend whose son is one grade ahead of mine.)

(this third grade "high stakes testing," as a general rule, is also a Very Bad Idea. but mine isn't a pedagogical blog, so i don't really want to get into it. whether or not we "opt out" has yet to be determined at this point, but i don't want to make a scene about it yet. we have a legal right to opt out, but since that option makes everyone not happy, we'll play that card as close to when it happens as needed.)

they tried to convince me to agree with threats of, "he won't get any new accommodations during next year's testing." threatening me this was absolutely the wrong tack to take, since i don't fundamentally agree with hst to begin with. let alone accommodations that i know my child doesn't need. it is obvious to everyone that testing is only going to show us what we all know. we all know he's extremely bright and that he still has social (and sequencing) issues. he's getting what he needs. we're all doing our best to help him. the social issues he was having earlier this year got addressed - his not-outsourced team (teachers, speech therapist and guidance counselor) are very considerate and caring.

(i'd sing a different tune entirely if testing would change anything. but it won't.)

i don't usually write here when i am this angry, but this is my life today. my morning.

and i get that maybe this isn't even that big an issue. it is just annoying to have to "prove" disability, by unnecessary tests, when he isn't even receiving anything that causes him to need to prove disability beyond what has already been proven. i'd probably be less upset if they had looked at his medical files to begin with and if it wasn't so ridiculous that someone who has probably only seen my son once - or at the most, twice - during this entire year, can require something that everyone else agrees is completely unnecessary and should be done next year, once we see how he does in that leap to third grade.