Yesterday Remy had a half day of school. I drove M to work so I could have the car, did a few errands (after sitting in Starbucks, blogging on the mini iPad) and then picked Remy up from school so we could have an adventure!

Earlier this week a friend had posted her photos of Legoland. But wait! She lives so close to us. How could there be a nearby Legoland that I did not know about?

I'm still not sure of the answer to that question, but having found the Legoland now, I felt like this half day was the perfect day to go. Remy agreed. We were off!

Since it was a random Wednesday (and the early spring breaks have all been had), there was hardly anyone there. Which is perfect for us - no waiting for lines, fewer kids means usually there's a kid who will actually play with Remy (although Legoland also sees its share of quirky kids, so there's usually someone to play with him anyway). We had fun. Remy found a nice kid to run around with in the ball pit/ climbing/ slide area.

I played around on my mini with photo apps (oh hello waterlogue and percolator, I am already madly in love with you). I remembered that I had headphones, which made dealing with the (so very annoying) soundtrack at Legoland a lot easier for me. I read on the kindle app. It was super groovy.

(And I also did the rides with Remy because fun! The only time I wasn't interacting with him was when he was in the kids-only play area. The fact that I can let him run around and play on his own is a blessing I don't take for granted, it is a wonderful thing. And if he had needed me, I would have been ok with that, too.)

Yes, I am loving the return of warmer weather. Adventures are fun!