yes no maybe - experimenting

right now, i have not one single person signed up for souling the self surreal (my mom already took it) so as it stands right now, that class isn't running. if you're interested, sign up (and please tell some friends). i'll leave the link live until monday. i'd like to have four people, at a minimum. 

you can participate in this class with a smart phone (of any kind - the only app store i am not overly familiar with is blackberry, but i can figure out those apps for you, too). 

you can participate with a tablet (my ipad mini is scheduled to arrive monday and i know i'll be using it a lot to edit, if not to shoot, photos). 

you can participate with a camera and a computer. a dslr would work, a film camera would work (as long as you can get the film developed fairly quickly) or a point and shoot is totally fine. 

one of my students last year used a web cam (and archival photos she had taken previously and layers in picmonkey) because she was having an issue with her camera. AND IT WAS TOTALLY AWESOME. her work blew me away. it was totally and utterly her style, taken to a new level. (It "opened a floodgate for my creativity" she told me, yesterday, after i shared a link to the (free for a limited time) diana app on the class page.)

you have everything you need to play with double exposure, if you want to. it isn't difficult. you don't need my class. i offer it because i want to share what i know about playing with multiple exposure. plus, it is always fun to see what other people are exploring in their work. 

i'm not looking to make clones of myself. i am merely a guide. your photos will look like your photos and mine will look like mine. that's what makes art awesome!

if no one signs up for the class (which seems likely at this point), then no one signs up for the class. i am not taking this personally. (i'll admit to feeling fairly down about it earlier, but at this point it just is what it is.) 

a friend suggested a book might be a better format. that's a possibility, for sure. 

i am experimenting to find what works best - for you, and for me. 

speaking of things i teach: 

april is fast approaching. last year, i ran a class called poeming into the now. (what fun it was!

i am trying to decide now whether to bother setting up a class this year. (that i will poem every day in april is a given. this will be my fifth year doing napowrimo.

i already have a month of prompts written. it would be easy enough to resend them. (it would be more work to reformat them into a book, but i could do that, too.) it might even be more fun to write a new prompt every day. i haven't decided. 

i do not know what i will decide. that's part of this blogging process to me, to write transparently, in the moment. 

(that's been a part of my teaching process, too. writing each day, directly. answering questions and taking suggestions as i go.) 

it may go against all the pro-blogger advice. i don't give a fuck. this is who i am. this is my blog and i'll write what i want. i am someone who doesn't always use upper case lettersi am someone who likes to verb nouns. 

i am someone who is learning to embrace failure. i have to remind myself this is all an experiment. experimenting is the only way to figure out what will work and what won't. i personally love reading blogs that are transparent - that talk about the reality of doing this online entrepreneurial thing. not just the shiny offering. the grittiness of what happens when a shiny offering isn't taken. the how of failure. 

my rerunning classes seems to be a failure. (failure isn't the end of the world.) everyone who wanted to take souling the surreal has probably already taken it. so what this tells me is to move on. 

ok. message received. 

(i'm not yet sure if that applies to poeming into the now. the november edition didn't go so well. but maybe more people will be ready in april. i don't know. you could always tell me if you are thinking about it. that would be a nice thing to hear.) 

what's next? i don't know yet. that's what makes this life an experiment. 

an amazing, ongoing, experiment.