embracing my power

(where power means power-from-within and which has been the biggest change of getting older - becoming more certain of my own power in this world.)

i have been thinking about this as we move into spring. as the blossoming starts. as the warmth comes back. (winter chills me to the core and means I have to conserve all my knowing. warmth means I can start to share again.)

how can I best serve?

hint: I still need to have time, lots of time, for me. for lounging and reading. and for my family. I cannot give that time away, because it keeps me sane and happy and whole and I need to be those things, in order to stay rooted in my power.

to share my gifts.

perhaps leading poeming groups isn't it. perhaps teaching about double exposure isn't it. perhaps this writing here isn't it.

(or perhaps it is. I have no intention of quitting poeming or arting - I am just getting started with all of the creative possibilities.)

I don't have answers, just questions and ponderings and musings and dreamings.

today I will dream. tomorrow I will dream. I will dream until I find something actionable to work on.

and until then (and after then), I will keep writing, keep sharing, keep arting and poeming (every day, in april).

the truth is, I have already stepped into my power. that process happened over the past few years, organically and beautifully (and painfully, too). the truth is, what I am thinking about is how best to use my power in the world. how best to speak my truth and help heal this beautiful fragile world. how best to embrace the truth of how powerful I already am.

(all I can do is what I can do. but I must do what I can do for there is no one else to do it.)


I am embracing the power within me to heal and bring comfort with the truths that I know.