loved loving lover

yeah, i'm sharing more of the self-portraits here now, too.

yeah, i'm still taking a daily selfie, even though this year's 365 project doesn't require it (i like taking them). i've had a few days when the daily 365 photo wasn't of me, but i still took a selfie anyway.

yeah, i'm an oversharer. yeah, i'm into tmi. (yeah, i don't overshare or give all that much tmi here.)

yeah, my hair turned mermaid green last night (with less teal than i'd imagined). yeah, i love it. yeah, it looks like i dyed my hair blue a few weeks ago and now it's fading fast. since i'm the kind of person who sometimes even prefers the faded look, that's a-ok with me. (it also would have been ok if it had been more blue, or more teal.)

wabi sabi.

yeah, this is my wabi sabi life. and wabi sabi to me, means not expecting anything specific. newness is awesome. broken cracks are awesome. (fill 'em up with gold.) age is wonderful. patina, patina, patina. fill me up with this world and let it show through me, through the lines on my face and the wobble in my upper arms.

the lines around my eyes tell you more about how i am as a person than any other factor you can see. (i laugh a lot. i smile a lot. i look concerned or even angry a lot. but i don't get surprised all that much.)

yeah, it all means i am whole, right now as i am, cracks and all, and have been and will be whole all the days of my life, tomorrow and yesterday. and even though i have broken, broken wide open so many times there's more gold in me than original material, when i break again (and i know i will), fill the cracks up with gold and keep letting them shine.

so yeah, i am broken and i am whole.

and i am love and loved and loving and lover.