oh this rotating earth: gratitude for spring, springing (four ways)

hello, outline of the waxing moon!

Driving home from the Apple Store yesterday (where my iPad mini was replaced without even a hint of hassle), the waxing moon caught my attention over this strand of still mostly bare trees when I stopped to get takeout.

And then as I was driving to my house (a different street than I normally walk on) and low and behold, the magnolias are blooming, just up the hill from us!

I didn't get a shot, but I'll walk back that way later today with my big camera. Magnolias are one of my favorites.

pretty in a moodier way

Spring is really here.

Oh thank you, rotating earth!

(I'm barefoot and wearing a short sleeve dress today - with a 3/4 cardigan over the top, but still. The window in the front is wide open and I can feel myself soaking in the ambient warmth.)

This past winter was one of the most difficult I've experienced, weather-wise (I know, I am lucky), and yet, my life as a whole is so much better than the first difficult winter I experienced, way back when we moved to Toronto, and so it was easier to endure. But oh, I looked forward to the warmth returning!

My gratitude for spring and for getting through this winter is bountiful. My gratitude for my family. My gratitude for this beautiful world. My gratitude for myself, for taking the moments as they came and doing the best I could in each one as it came, with as much gentleness as I could.

this version captures the feeling of spring best, pastel and luminous.

And oh, my gratitude for being able to swap my bricked iPad for one that works, so easily. I did call Apple before I went, just to make sure there wasn't an extra special thing I didn't know about to fix the thing, but once the tech had walked me through the whole scenario, he said there wasn't anything else to do. And there wasn't. I made a reservation and went.

Tools are are only tools, but oh, they are useful. I am grateful for the tools that I have.

The original, which I ported from my phone to the iPad mini and processed the above three ways in Waterlogue.

My iPad mini, which was such a splurge that I hesitated for a long time to say yes to buying it for myself, has quickly become my favorite photography editing tool. (My phone has a great camera, but Windows phone doesn't have the huge range of apps that Apple does. Like Waterlogue, which, oh. I missed.)

The native camera isn't the best but it is easy to port photos from my phone and desktop/ big camera to the iPad. I'm using an app called Cooliris, because it supports all my sources and is super easy.

Oh, spring. Thank you for springing!