pink today for little A (may her memory be a blessing)

I got a text: some of us are wearing pink to honor her.

So we're wearing pink today and my blog is wearing pink, too.

You weren't here very long, little A. You were loved. And you are so very missed.


It is the first day of April. (And I'm going to a funeral. Oh my heart is sore for my friend's family.)

Today is the day I write my first poem of NaPoWriMo. One poem a day in April. I've been poeming every day in April since I first learned of the idea.

(This is year 5.)

My poem will probably be written on Facebook or Instagram later today (or in my 52 Weeks prompt). This morning it is more important to honor the way too short life of the little girl whose funeral we are attending today. May her memory be a blessing.

(It is not in me to poem it out this morning.)


April is also Autism Awareness Acceptance Appreciation Month.

The Thinking Person's Guide to Autism is doing interviews this month with (adult) Autistics, asking what they want and need.

I am not aware of any other blog series being run this month, but if I find any, I'll link to them.