poeming on a rainy sick day

and isn't recovery 
best like this:
a cool day, rain, 
a book to read
and endless cups 
of soothing tea,
while all inside
the work of the body
rejecting viruses
goes unconsciously 
on and on and on. 


I finished the book I started Sunday afternoon. Whoever thought reading a virologically based book about zombies while being sick was a bad idea is just superstitious. It was fun. Since I'm clearly not a zombie, it took my mind off the achiness and fatigue. 

The book was the second in Mira Grant's Newsflesh trilogy - highly recommended if you're into the post apocalyptic genre like I am; I'm loving it so far. I kinda already spoilered the very end of the trilogy accidentally (damn you Wikipedia!) but just enough to make me want to know I'll be happy with how it turns out. Ok, that wasn't an accident at all. Yes, I like to know in advance if I'm gonna get emotionally mauled or not. Since the first book Ned Starked me, I thought I should find out if there was anything else to deal with. I was happily surprised. 

I have the last book on hold, but that means today I need to find another book to keep me company. So many choices. I'll just wander along the electronic shelves of the Philadelphia Free Library on Overdrive til I find something catchy. (The PFL is my favorite online library - I bought a membership last summer and haven't looked back since. PFL has a lot of books my own library system - which isn't shabby - does not. It isn't free - because I don't live in Philadelphia - but it is worth the fee. There's a few big urban libraries that let one buy memberships for the purpose of electronic reading, Philadelphia is the one I picked because it has a fabulous fantasy section. Your mileage may vary.)

I'm also in the midst of reading another series (the Elderling books by Robin Hobb - I'm on the second book in the third trilogy; finishing this trilogy will catch me up, since I read the fourth series first, after randomly buying the paperback at O'Hare), but the next book of that trilogy is also on hold - the minute either hold comes through, I'll be swimming in books! Which works out well, since there's not much else for me to do right now, but recover from this bug. 

You'll notice I have more writing energy today. I'm definitely on the mend, but not well enough for coffee or my desktop computer. Nope, it's a tea and iPad mini kind of day. 

Plus lots of staring out the window, listening to the rain. 

I love spring.