ripples in space/ time: inspiration for the boringest tasks

Today I was thinking of typing up a long description of all the art/ photo apps I've been playing with on my iPad mini since I got it last month. I've been having so much fun layering different effects and I like sharing what I learn.

(The photo above was processed with Waterlogue and iColorama. iColorama has the most extensive set of editing effects I could imagine. I'm rather totally in love with it already.)

Then last night, my mini froze. This morning it rebooted but then froze again, so I'm having to restore it and won't restore from iTunes, so now I may have to take it in to get fixed. Blah. It's not like I need it running in order to write about the apps I like the best, but it took the wind out of my sails.

Having learned from previous electronic mishaps, I bought an extended warranty (and I had just backed up the photos yesterday, so at the most I'll lose half a day of photos - most of which are on instagram in their end form), so I'm not sweating whether this repair will be covered or not, because it will be. Still, I'll google first to see if there's anything else I can do before I take it in. If I can get it recovered, that'll be faster than having to wait til I get the car and can drive it in. (Or worse, mail it in, which might take forever.)

Before the mini froze, while I was in the midst of one of my creative inspiration insomnia spurts, I had made a decision about what to do next, business-wise. Like all epiphanies, it seems obvious in the light of day, but at the time it seemed like a revelation: re-release the ebooks, make the new ones that need to be made (I can think of four waiting to be made off the top of my head), and maybe even put up some hard copies on etsy, too.

(I also had a few other analogue product ideas I'll keep in my pocket for now.)

And oh my goodness, I've been meaning to put together these books for a really long time, but keep putting it off because it'll take a lot of (boring) work and doing fun stuff like playing with new apps and writing long blog posts about those apps is much more exciting than doing a whole bunch of copy/pasting and formatting PDFs. Still. Getting things done requires actually working on them. And while all that copy and pasting is boring, it isn't difficult.

And once the boring work of copy/pasting is done, it's done. Unlike the boring work of housework.

Boring doesn't float my boat, but it gets things done. And getting things done is the only way to get them done. No one else can write the books I can write.

Obvious epiphany is obvious.

(I could hire out to do the formatting, but I'm not on that level of business yet. Maybe eventually? Or maybe I like doing the design work, even if I complain about the copy/pastingness of it.)

I'm a person who requires inspiration (or at least a damn good soundtrack) to start on boring tasks. So maybe a new soundtrack on spotify is in order?

No - that's procrastination. I'll just use my 'eff yeah, housecleaning!' list.

Because it is time to start.

After I take a bath. Because self-care isn't procrastination, it's necessary. It's important to know the difference.