villanelling on a wednesday

a simple villanelle

luxury is sometimes as simple as the thought
that everything I have in this moment
is exactly what is needed, nothing bought

can replace the moment's calm, not
that everything I have in this moment
is luxury, sometimes as simple as that thought

is, it cannot be, for the family I love may not
be here, everything couldn't be, in this moment
exactly what is needed, if they aren't brought

into the wholeness of my life, as it exits in wrought
iron work, permanent, not only here in this moment,
luxury always simpler than that simple thought,

and worked into my life in every way, taut
memory stretching past this very moment,
exactly what is needed. And of course nothing bought

could ever replace them, for surely the iron wrought
memory is permanent, found in every moment,
luxurious simplicity simpler than mere thoughts,
exactly what is needed, cannot be bought.