we are 100 percent on this planet

every single day of our lives we live on this earth. not just earth day. every. day. on. earth.

ok, astronauts get a few weeks or months or in some crazy cases, years off planet, but they account for less than 1% of the population, I'm guessing. I'm not an astronaut and I assume you aren't, either, Star Trek fantasies aside.

100% of our lives, no matter how long or how short, are spent planetside. 100%

we are in this 100%. you can't just claim 80% allegiance. you can't just claim to live here 50%. this planet is not a summer home. nope, it does not work that way. you are here on this planet and this is the only here you will most likely ever know.

we don't have a plan b to get off planet. this isn't wall-e or the movie 2012. we don't have ships big enough to sustain us if when we frack the planet completely. i'm pretty sure someone would have noticed them already and google mapped it and we'd all be movie-scene mobbing to get on board. that shit would be cray.

nope. we don't have a plan b.

we are either going to live through the cataclysmic climate change that's coming or we're not.

(the planet will be fine. changed completely, but until the sun red giants in two billion years, the planet will stay alive. jellyfish are gonna be fine. whether humans stay alive is yet to be seen. we need to take a cue from nature and adapt. now.)

the planet is us and we are the planet.

and we are fracking the living life out of ourselves as a species that is specialized to enjoy the current climate.


(I have no answer.)

at this point, we have solid scientific evidence that we are, en masse, committing suicide with our factories and our crazy agricultural practices that have no sustainability. and yet we persist. suicide. murdering ourselves and the rest of the planet, just for "modern conveniences."

(conveniences I use just as much as the next person, by the way. this isn't a "point the finger" rant.)

at this point, I know all I can do as a person is be aware and keep adapting as best I can.

I shift towards minimalism. I continue all the eco practices i can practice. I keep shifting towards love as the dominant factor in my life.

I live in this moment, as it exists right now, and I know this moment will keep changing and I will have to continue living in the moment that arises until I die.

that's really all I can do. and that's enough.