weekending sans virus

green mermaid hair is green.

In almost shocking news, I have fully kicked that virus from last week.

(I know!)

I was 99% better by friday, so Remy and I went to IKEA for art supplies (but not before we walked a mile or so to go get our car from the mechanic). A long walk and then IKEA? Well, I was tired after, but not overly so. And I had no asthma issues, despite the pollen count. (That's how I knew I was really ok.)

We rested Saturday and had our family seder. So much love.

And then Sunday, instead of the usual lunch and a movie date day, M and I went for a (moderate) hike. And I did not bring my camera because I just wanted to walk with him and soak up the sun and the love. So much sun. And so much love.

OK, I did bring my phone, which has a decent camera, but I only took maybe six photos with it, including this quick soaking-up-the-sun-selfie. My not bringing an extra camera is a rather big deal.