wild hair

In my twenties, I had multi-colored hair. Blue one month, purple the next year. Orange for awhile. Green a few times (my first driver's license photo featured me with mermaid green hair). The only color I never did back then was pink, which was my one stab at rebellion, because my mama wanted me to dye my hair pink, "for Kurt." I don't like doing the things other people think I should. (That's kinda still an issue, but less so than when I was younger.)

This photo shows me during the one month I had fake purple and pink swirled dreadlocks installed in my hair. They were super itchy and my scalp hated every moment, but I loved how they looked. By that point, I was 29 and already sick of the bright hair dye. A few years later, with a small child, and dreadlocks, the messiness of bright hair dye sounded even more like hell, so I kept to the blond spectrum.

But that was then and this is now. Messiness, schmessiness. I'm ready. 

(Plus, that blond dye I used in February? Smelled awful and ate my hair up. Really, I don't want to do that again. Adding bright colors will hopefully give me an ombre effect as my hair gets longer. But we'll see what actually happens. I'm not attached to any outcome, long term; although right now growing it out feels right, I can't say what will feel right next month, let alone next year.)

So this weekend, I bought a new tub of Atlantic blue Punky Color hair dye. Punky Color has a silly sounding name, but lasts significantly longer than Manic Panic. There might have been another brand I found in Canada that was better, but now I've forgotten, so I'm back to the Punky Color I loved in my early twenties.

It arrived yesterday (the joys of amazon prime!) but I haven't gotten around to actually applying it yet. Today/ tonight. I want to decide whether to just do the swoop of front hair, or my whole head. (I suppose I could do the first then decide if it all needs coverage.)

The not-as-rebellious almost-forty-year-old in me is thinking about pink now, too. This will undoubtedly send my mom into paroxysms of happy... However, I don't know. If I add that to the blue, I'll just get brown (pink + blue + yellow = brown), unless I was really able to stripe it myself, which - let's be honest - my hair dying skills are not that great. But we'll see what happens. I don't know.

All I can say is look out world: my wild hair is coming back!