bullet points because this day is already getting ahead of me:

* The house is amazingly clean and organized at this moment in time. I love having guests come to stay because it means we make a family effort to really clean up as much as we can. It's essentially spring cleaning, house guest style. Also, we put up shelves and decluttered and organized more things. So awesome.

* The steam cleaner buggy thing rocks. my. world. It doesn't make it not-work to clean things, but it really gets everything super-clean, with way less work than it would take otherwise. It would be too much to take it out for weekly cleaning, but for seasonal cleaning, it is just right.

* When I say the house is incredibly clean and organized, I mean relative to how it normally is. Our housekeeping skills are middle of the road, I think. Not hoarder-rific, but not magazine-quality. Wabi sabi. Lived in. Now with cleaner baseboards and cabinets (yeah, I steamed them, too).

* The greatest thing about having house guests is getting to enjoy their visit and share the things we all like to do. Which is made all the more enjoyable by having a clean(er) house.