Out takes

The point isn't, how wonderful I look. 

The point isn't, give me all the likes/complements/love. 

The point isn't, I'm so much better than anyone else. 

The point is, I am here. I am. Here. 

The point is, this is what I look like right now. This week. This moment. 

The point is, in ten years I won't look the same. I won't be the same. And I want a record, for me, for him and especially for my son and his descendants (if he has them) to come. 

The point is, by showing myself all the angles, I get a better, fuller picture of how I really look. 

The point is, if I show up to love myself, I can love that double chin. 

The point is, I am here. All of me. And to love where and when I am, I have to love who I am. I have to love what I am. I have to show up fully and commit. 

And I am love, in love and loved, loving and lover. 

And so I show up, as much as I can. And each time I do, I am able to show up more.