smudge poeming, decluttering and creating for the sake of creation

wake up
wet earth.
if the day wants
then that's all.
harmony, peace.
eyes blink
dawn me


I tried a new technique with the blackout poem/ surreal self series today: added the full page of text to the multiple exposure process before picking the words out and making the poem. Then instead of blacking out the unnecessary text, I smudged it. So it's really a smudged out poem. Whatever. Semantics. 

It's very wabi sabi. And very me. 

I love it!

It's spring cleaning/ getting the house ready for my MIL and her partner to visit/ decluttering in anticipation of birthday presents week here in Lexielandia. I have a full set of to do items, starting today with taking a winter's worth of decluttering to drop off at our best local thrift store and then possibly hitting up IKEA or the (gasp) Container Store. So it may or may not be a big writing week. 

It's also the very last week of my 52 Weeks Poeming Project. I'm sad and relieved at the same time. One poem every week for a year is a pretty difficult habit (daily is a lot easier, at least for me) but having a group of people to poem with has been fantastic. 

And the poems are the proof that it was worth the (minor) difficulties. 

Create what only you can create.