Rem when we first moved to NJ - he was 4 - and this weekend with the red cap. Another one for the #archivallexseries because awesome. 

This morning, walking down the stairs, I had yet another obvious epiphany. This one was about my brain which makes it kinda fun because brains.

I started realizing that the way I process and synthesize information is different than most people when I was in grad school. I made an observation about an author that seemed completely obvious to me, but which my professor had never heard before. And as soon as I made my observation (citing specific sentences in her memoir), my professor's mouth dropped. It also seemed obvious to her. She'd just never put it together the way I had.

And I do this all the time, though not always with the resultant pride of someone else recognizing it the way my professor did. I synthesize new information from an extremely wide variety of sources automatically. It's just the way my brain works.

(A lot of people's brains work this way. And it is skill that can be - and is important to be -  learned. That it comes naturally to me is just part of my neurological makeup. My son struggles with information synthesis, especially with social cues, so I am learning how to teach it to him. Teaching things that are second nature is not as easy as it might first seem to be.)

Anyway, the big epiphany this morning was: this is why I love the double exposures so very much.

My brain wants to take a multitude of sources and stitch them together. And in taking a bunch of photographic sources and stitching them together, I have found my artistic thing. (Ye gads, how much do I love the surreal 365 project I'm almost at the middle of this year? So. Dang. Much. And the blackout poeming this month is dovetailing very neatly into the self-portraits/ surreal work. So satisfying.)

Which isn't to say I don't also love single exposures, because I definitely do. But my brain craves the putting together of multiple sources and the decoding of multiple sources. And I think feeding that impulse is good for me.

And with that thought, I made one more piece for the archival lex series. Yes. Yes. Yes.

PS: yes, I did end up reopening my etsy and listing two (electronic versions) of my poetry collections (so far). I am in the process (about half way through) of putting together my 30 days of poeming prompts book. I need to carve out another chunk of time this week or next to work on it and then I think it will be ready to release. So the next time you see a new post from my archives, you'll know what I'm probably doing!

(Although going to see the new X-Men movie is also on this week's agenda, so you never really know. Just keeping it real, folks. I do love my big blockbuster movies!)