waking up slowly, thinking about writing

I seem to have once again kicked myself into a nocturnal schedule. I'm not getting to bed til late and I'm sleeping in as much as possible.

Since I'm naturally a night owl, this happens to me easily. I prefer staying up. I like to read til the small hours of the morning. I like to go out and dance, too (this last weekend was Spring Caravan and I went to the after party and shook my tailfeathers but good... I am still a little sore!). I love the stillness of the air at night (especially in the summer).

And every once in awhile I think I might just let it go and rearrange my schedule so that I am writing at night again. But it doesn't happen, because I have so very effectively ritualized this morning writing habit of mine. And it keeps me writing, every day. And that is important to me, very important. And so I keep this schedule.

And so all is well.

I will keep waking up when I wake up. And I will keep writing after I make (and drink at least some of) my coffee.

I am thinking I may need to take a blog vacation in order to get the ebooks written/ formatted. I haven't decided when yet. I'll do what I did last August and set up a bunch of posts from my archive to rerun while I'm "gone." I may even pick a random day of the week each week for awhile. I don't know. I need to get it done and I think it will best get done if I'm not writing a blog post. Especially with this staying up late thing happening, I am finding myself fairly foggy in the morning again...

Or in the afternoon, as the case may be.