write here, write now (shifting)

Some shifting is happening over here.

I am opening up my poeming into the now facebook group to anyone who is interested in daily or weekly (or sporadic) poeming.

Let the poeming support be abundant and free. Let everyone join in. Yes.

I am shifting towards reclaiming my authorship. The work I do isn't necessarily immediate, like a class. It might be digested best in books. I am wordy. People need time to dig in. Books might work best.

And so, let it start here (write here, write now).

The groups I run will be free. The books I write will not be.

(Although always, always, I will offer trades and paying with kindness for those that need it.)

And I am thinking in the long run about something like a subscription service, where you can get every book I write in a year for a certain amount; that seems rather cool. Let's see if I can get these first few books out into the world first.