embracing change

because things change and i want to stay in the flow
because what works changes and staying in the flow means embracing what is
because embracing what is is the only way i know to truly remain in the moment
because there is never a dearth of change, change is constant, every moment flowing into the next

This weekend, I started writing the book. Or rather, the book started writing me.

I didn't write here, at my desk, with my proper computer, with my proper keyboard. I wrote as I was going to sleep, when the muse hits me hardest (always has). I wrote on my iPad mini, with the virtual keyboard, and I (mostly) thumb-typed.

That's (probably) not gonna work long term, but it was a good way to start. This book isn't about sitting down standing up at my desk and writing a blog post every day. This book is about getting this very big part of me birthed and birth is messy. It is gonna happen where and when it needs to happen. I know late night is one of my best creative times. Especially in the summer. And so I commit to write when and where the words need to come.

Tools are about creating ease, about creating space in which to write. My desk and my computer are great tools, and so is the iPad. And so is a piece of paper and a pen. It doesn't matter what tools work for me, as long as I am using them in a way that lets me forget about them.

I can't focus on the tools or on writing at the "right" time of day. I can only write, every day (or close to it) and get the first draft done.

I pick the tools that help accomplish that with the most ease. Today that's my desk and my computer. Later today it might be my iPad. And even later, it might be a piece of paper and a pen.

But first, more coffee.

(I'm still not a morning person.)