from my archives: around and around

[This summer, I will be randomly publishing posts from my archives, in order to be more productive in other areas of my creative life. I hope you enjoy this post, which was originally posted August 17, 2012.]

A photo from earlier this summer, at Legoland Discovery.

Sometimes I wonder about the current obsession with Ferris wheels. Is it just nostalgia? Is there something else that explains the plethora of vintage looking, pastel Ferris wheel prints available for sale?

Ferris wheels aren't the greatest symbol. At least not to me. Spinning around and around, going nowhere. Although there's something to be said about getting that height, that shift in perception. It isn't something permanent, tho.

Airplanes are a better symbol, taking us places. And yet, I suppose there's something to be said for the bright lights of the Ferris wheel. They're reminiscent of childhood, scary without being truly scary. They're pleasing in shape (round) and there's no potential for hijacking. It is what it is. And I suppose there's comfort in that simplicity.

Maybe I could suggest another symbol to think about? How about a hot air balloon? Also reminiscent of a bygone era, hot air balloons have both the pleasing round shape and the ability to take us places.

Perhaps it's just the latent steampunker in me. I'd like to change the world, but in a retro sort of way. Amish-lite, let's say. Minimalist, but with a smart phone in the barn, just in case.