from my archives: don't yuck other people's yums!

[This summer, I will be randomly publishing posts from my archives, in order to be more productive in other areas of my creative life. I hope you enjoy this post, which is one of my favorites. It was originally published July 24, 2013.]

Ever since I saw the "don't yuck my yums" episode of the zefrank show (which you should totally go watch right now!!!), I have had a new house life-rule:

"Don't yuck other people's yums!"

This saying has gotten so popular in our house (in a relatively short period of time, too) that we're starting to spread it around to our friends. Which is AWESOME because I really, really, want it to become universal.

It's catchy. It's clever. (Alliteration rocks.) And the meaning is easily grasped, even by kids with limited social understanding skills.

Don't yuck other people's yums!

(Or if someone is yucking your yum, you can say, "Don't yuck my yum!" just like the original video.)

So - even though I am not a fan of baseball, I don't yuck Remy's yum. He loves baseball. He loves the prequel trilogies of the Star Wars and I do not say anything to yuck that yum, even though (well, you know how I feel). I can still have my opinion (and be mad at George Lucas) but I don't need to yuck Remy's yum to have my own opinion. I let him like what he likes.

And that means he doesn't get to say yuck to my yums, too. This especially works well with getting him to try new food. We have a 'just try-it' policy. And if you don't like it, don't say "yuck" cause someone else likes it. Just say, "I don't like it" and leave it there.

Not yucking other people's yums does not mean you don't have a moral responsibility to point out racism, sexism, homo/trans phobia or any other issue that actively hurts other people. Obviously, if your kid thought poison berries were yummy, you would say something. Use your own judgement.

When things are self-harming, but still socially acceptable, I tend to say nothing. Rem has a friend who likes to drink soda occasionally. We don't drink soda. But we don't yuck that kid's yums because we all know the ingredients in soda and some people choose to drink it anyway. It's their life and their body.

But if someone was smoking a cigarette around me, I would say something, because I have asthma and their yum hurts my lungs. They can go have their yum somewhere where I am not (or at least stand downwind).

Your yums shouldn't hurt other people. Simple.

Now go forth and yum your yums!