I am getting more attached to this iPad mini, as I continue exploring everything it can do. It is so much fun to make art with it. To read books on it. To play solitaire on it (keeping it real, of course - owning that solitaire is my go-to game because yes). To write posts with it (but apparently forget to post them) the day before a big outing to the land of make believe (no kidding) with friends. 

Summer is here. The longest day came and went. My family is weathering the transition from no school to summer routine. It can be tricky, but tricky is what we know, so we keep on. 

Remy and I have got a few days to ourselves before camp starts, so I'll be posting even more sporadically this week. Hopefully I can get to my computer to schedule some posts from my archive before we head out for our fun adventures. Maybe I'll write a post or two from this here iPad mini. Maybe not. We'll see. Summer is the best time to let those expectations go and just be. 

And just be. 

Just be.