adventure (in here)

By the end of the day yesterday, I felt yucky again. 

Yup, another overdoing, another lesson. I'm quick to pick up on these lessons once they're pointed out, but apparently it is in my nature to need them pointed out because I keep getting distracted from resting. 

"Adventure is out there!" is one of my Pixar-inspired life mottos. Except I'd also also argue that adventure is right here, too. Adventure is everywhere, just waiting to be adventured.

It was a pretty normal weekend. Our weekends are relaxing enough, even interspersed with adventure, so I thought that I would be ok. But clearly, more rest is needed. 

Sitting at my computer to write (like I did yesterday) also takes its toll. More rest is needed. 

(Today I'm writing on my iPad mini.)

OK, I grok. More rest is needed. I'll embrace the adventure within for now. 

* Actually, we are going to buy a new-to-us car tomorrow, if all goes according to plan. So adventure is out there, too, in the shape of a Mini Countryman with our name on it (what!). I'll tell the story of the five type of cars we test drove and how we picked the Mini later, if I remember. It was an interesting decision making process because we left the Mini to the very end (very much on purpose) and once we drove it, we were completely hooked. 

So today I will rest up. All that needs to be done is picking up our car (soon to be traded in, we assume) from getting detailed and picking up Remy from camp. I can manage those things. And I'm actually feeling better today, so clearly resting yesterday helped.