back to practice

to write every day, one must write every day.

i do let myself take time off for being sick. bronchitis counts. but that isn't the reason i didn't write friday. (or maybe even thursday, by thursday i was feeling better enough.) nope. friday, my love and i went to test drive cars.

i was out of practice so i didn't have the routine of it anymore.

i woke up and started reading, instead. and yes, that felt pleasant. maybe i needed the break and that's why i took it.

i'm ready to recommit. to write every day again. to return to the routine that's served me well. (once again noting, i may not always write here every day this summer, because i am writing a book.)

the bronchitis is still in my lungs. they're over-phlegmed. inflamed. but it isn't being accutely sick anymore. it's the lingering after-effect. the more i rest during this period, the quicker it will end, but it isn't quite the same as before, when i really couldn't do much. i can walk around. i can go test drive cars. i can make appointments and get things done. but i am needing to rest more than usual, still, and that is ok. i am where i am, in sickness and in health.

i can write again. i can return to practicing what i love.

"don't it always seem to go, that you don't know what you've got til it's gone?" - joni mitchell.

yes. i had been wondering what the whole point of this blog is. thinking maybe writing a book is a more "worthy" endeavor. but then i didn't post for awhile and i miss seeing the images of my days. i miss rereading the continuity of my days. memory and awareness. yes.

i love this blog. and that's why i write here. yes.