Yesterday, Remy played electric for the first time on his own. 

Hearing him wail - truly, wail is the right word, as he played around with distortion and effects - was like a balm for my soul. He kept looking up at me, like "can you believe how cool this is?" and oh, my heart. 

(Remy has had sensory issues with loud sounds since he was born. He still doesn't like music playing in the house, unless he's part of it. This was a big step for him, to engage in the loudness of electrified music.)

I had my iPad, so I recorded some videos to put on Instagram/Facebook/Tumblr, only to find out (after the music was done) that my mini's microphone is no longer working. There's no sound in the recordings. Only silence. 

Complete silence. 

(He's still totally adorable, tho. And the look of concentration as he plays, priceless.)

And even tho the technological fail means I didn't get to share that first moment with his grandparents, or preserve it to show him when he's 17 and his first band is opening for Green Day (what?), it's really ok. Some moments have to be carried in our memory. That was a memory making moment for me. There's no tech fail that can take that away from me. 

(I'll record it with my phone and/ or better camera next time, if there is one.)

Yes. The real joy was in being there, at that moment, as my son explored a whole new level of sound.