oh California

I haven't been to California in the summer since my high school reunion trip, two years ago.

 I miss the golden hills in our winter visits. California is the one place I know where the hills are green in winter and gold in the summer. I grew up thinking that was normal, that that's how seasons worked but it isn't. Green grass in the summer still flummoxes me a little. 

If we had gone this winter, there wouldn't have been green hills in California. 

There's a major drought now. It's a very big deal. Everyone is taking steps to conserve water. There's now a fine for water wasting. 

This is climate change. 

Califormia has been deluged and droughted, cyclically, for as long as I can remember, but this is one of the worst droughts yet. Three years and running. 

(My MIL and her partner are setting up a gray water system to use the water from the washing machine in their garden. Serious business. I have another good friend who's already done that with sink water, she lives inland, where the drought is hitting hard.)

And here, in New Jersey, we are getting thunderstorm after thunderstorm. 

Climate change. 

Oh Califormia, my heart still loves the golden hills. But not in winter. Not in winter.