overdone (mistake making)

Yesterday I made a few mistakes. 

I woke up feeling better. Yay, feeling better is always a good thing. 

Then I put on clothes, brushed my teeth and came downstairs. 

I turned on my (desktop) computer. Sat down. (Definitely not up for standing when I am sick.)

And even though I didn't do much other than put all the photos I'd taken during our ten days in Callifornia on the computer, mess around on Facebook and write a teeny tiny bit here, I still felt crappy when I finished. 

So what did I do? 

I sat and played my autoharp for awhile. 

(That might seem restful but it isn't. Lots of movement and holding a heavy instrument up isn't restful. But I really missed my autoharp when we were gone! Sigh.)

Then M came home and we went to pick Remy up from day camp. (Fabulous day he had, thank goodness.) 

After pickup we needed to get Remy new water shoes. Growing boy, growing feet. 

Instead of making it a short trip, we noodled all over the store. I bought a few yoga tops that were on sale. M got flippy floppies. Remy tried all the exercise equipment in the entire store. Yeah. I was tired after but didn't feel super shitty or anything. 

Classic overdoing, though. Not paying attention. 

Ugh. It's been so long since I've been this sick I forgot my own cardinal rule: don't overdo things while recovering from being sick. Especially if you are actually still kinda sick. 

(It's all deep chest at this point, so I don't think I'm contagious.)

So I was feeling ok until after my bath last night and then I just suddenly slammed into utter crappiness which lasted full-on all night. 

Body ache. Cold sweat. Oh the works. 

So basically that was a really fun way to remind myself: keep resting. 

Today I woke up, came downstairs to lie down on the guest bed because there's a ceiling fan in here, and have done essentially nothing except get myself lunch (frozen food, ftw!) and iced tea while playing on my iPad mini. I'm considering watching a movie. Or finishing my book (I'm rereading a Tom Robbins book while I wait for the next book in the series I'm reading to magically appear from the e-library holds). Or I may just troll Pinterest for another few hours and cap that off with some solitaire. 

La vida loca, I'm telling ya. Boring. It's good. I'm resting. 

Maybe it won't be so boring when the Brazil-Germany match starts in an hour. 

Maybe all this resting will work out and I'll be completely better tomorrow. 

Maybe I'll just take it moment by moment and get some more iced tea.