productivity whilst on the mend

Over the weekend, we bought a new-to-us Mini Cooper Countryman, attended our babysitter's wedding (she's also moving next month, which makes me super sad), and had a very fun visit from Souster B, who came to the wedding with us.

Today, I researched and purchased a new phone for M, whose phone went completely caput yesterday. It was ready for an upgrade a year ago, he was just hesitant to move to a smartphone. However, the only dumb-phone options our carrier offers now have extremely poor reviews, especially for reception, so he has officially joined the smartphone world.

I love that my husband wanted me to figure out what phone would work best for him. It's the kind of techy research I love doing and it makes him feel taken care of. (One of his primary love languages is Acts of Service.)

I ended up getting him a Droid Mini (mini, mini. mini - seems to be a recurring theme in our lives) because he has completely different phone-needs than I do. He gave me his priorities and I used those to pick a phone. His first priority was that it be a "tiny!!!!!" phone and after that he cared about reception. He had no preference for OS or apps. He's mostly a texter, which is funny, because he was initially very turned off by texting. But his two best friends (three if you count me) are texters, so he got used to it.

The Droid Mini also has a nice camera, which makes me hopeful he'll start taking more photos again.

I was also looking at the iPhone 4s and the Galaxy Mini. The iPhone has the worst battery and I just have a prejudice against Samsung devices because of their planned obsolescence re: upgrading OS. My experience with the Galaxy Player was that it was fun until the OS wasn't supported anymore, and then it was a slow hunk of crap. I don't know that Motorola is any better, but the specs were very similar, the reviews were fairly similar and in the end I just went with my gut.

If you're thinking this is a lot of productivity for someone who probably still needs to be resting, you're right.

But I still seem to be getting better, day by day.

And now I will go back to resting on the couch, until it is time to go pick up Rem from camp. Oh, new Mini Countryman! I'm completely looking forward to the drive now.