I'm offically calling it bronchitis now, which is shorthand for "an absurd amount of nasty lung mucus and on and off feverish aches." I've had bronchitis many many times since I was a teenager (I used to get it every year, but now it's every 2-3 years). 

My coughing is rather epic. 

I am getting better, incrementally. All that's really required is rest and fluids and food. (I add guaifenesin, ibuprofen and the occasional benedryl.) 

I don't really do much In the way of herbal supplements anymore. They just never really seem to help and I hate nasty tasting tea. Yes, being the daughter of an amateur herbalist means I rebel by not looking into herbal remedies. Sometimes. Sometimes I do go for the herbal teas. I am not feeling it right now. 

I do take a little extra vitamin D when I'm sick (and emergenC when I remember). 

But the real key is time. Bronchitis can last anywhere from two to three weeks for me. I just need to rest. 

And rest I shall.