drink (happiness)

My drink of choice in the morning is, of course, coffee. 

(Oh beloved coffee, yes, yes, yes. Thank you.)

The rest of the day, I drink tea and water. Cold in the summer, warm in the winter. 

(My iced tea du jour is lychee flavored. Magnificent! I can't drink after a certain point in the afternoon, tho, I would never be able to get to sleep at night.)

My favorite cold drink container is this trenta (Starbucks) insulated cup I got a few years back. It is just the right size, in my opinion, not too small (needing refilling too often) not too big (hard to hold). 

Happiness is where I am. I like finding the things that feel just right for me, but it isn't necessary to my happiness. (It helps, of course, but it isn't necessary.)

I'm not drinking anything right now. I might have a hard cider later, after kid bedtime. Maybe. I don't know. A photo of my "drink" was today's August Break prompt and "happiness" was the 30 day journal prompt. I didn't get a chance to read today's prompt until I got home at 6pm. By that point, my trenta cup was sitting by the sink, waiting to be washed, and I didn't want to take a photo of a hypothetical drink I may or may not drink later, when I have the drink I already drank sitting there. 

Just like happiness. What's right here is much more interesting to me than what might be.