My biggest fears are the things I can't control. 

This is obvious, and some part of me fears that starting out this way is stupid, but I'm tired because I don't get to sleep in this week because camp is over and M is literally racing around to get ready for the start of the semester next week and I'm still going to bed at two am and that's just what is, this week.

And I had this whole spiel written out, about fear and anxiety and parenting and ugh and then I was talking to my mom this afternoon and I realized I stopped taking the 5-htp/St. John's wort earlier this summer because I ran out and keep forgetting to get more and duh. Duh. 

Pretty much everything is easier when I'm not so anxious and annoyed. That stuff works for me. Like, really works. 

(And getting enough sleep. I'm hoping the tiredness will eventually kick my body towards going to sleep earlier, but I have very little control over that, either, even with melatonin.)