look down/ ecstatic roots

It was a day of rest. 

Saturdays I wake up with Remy (the old familiar, I'm not a morning person routine) and let M sleep in. Then I typically go back to sleep for a few hours. 

Today we were all dragging. Needing rest. Needing nothing more than reading a bunch of books, playing some silly games together and chillaxing (while the laundry and the dishwasher ran). 

But look down, deeper. There's a quiet ecstasy in the taking it easy. In the finishing of a novel. In the silly secret competition. (I still have no idea what the rules are. And I whole handedly lost. It was worth it, to see Rem lift his dad's hands, like a champ.) 

In the dishes and the making meals and eating them together, yes. 

A day of rest. Much needed. A day to be together.