I am not a morning person. 

This is my first week of two weeks of earlier mornings. 

(Mom-camp til Friday, hotel not-conducive-to-sleeping-in over the weekend, then back to mom-camp til Thursday, when I'll tag along to drop off on the first day of third grade.) 

I was able to get to sleep a little earlier last night (midnight instead of 2 am: I'll take it!).  That helps this morning be not-quite-as-hard. 

But I still need a while to wake up. Drink coffee. Sit still for a bit, before I can really interact. 

Once the caffeine kicks in (usually during the second cup of delicious coffee), then I can start writing/ play card games/ LARP/ whatever else is needed. 

Just let me wake up a little first. 


(I'm just not feeling the second prompt yet today, so I'll try to write it out later, on insta/tumblr/FB.)