my purse/ beauty everywhere

I don't think I have ever posted a photo like this on my blog. 

The insides of my purse(s). 

Today, we went to the ren faire, in costume (of course. I'll post that photo later today) and as usual, I left my big purse in the car trunk and carried essentials only in two pouches. 

In the blue pouch: 

* receipts from admission tickets and food
my inhaler
* certificates of warrior and knighthood status (from the sword fighting game Remy likes the most at faire)
* my wallet (stainless steel)
* traveling ibuprofen bottle (also contains benedryl)
* the end of my cash for the day
* my belt buckle (um... broke during faire)
* change
* keys on a purple carabiner 

In the purple butterfly pouch: 

* my phone (not pictured because I took the photo with it)

In my big pink purse:

* a sketch book (angry birds) for Remy when we go out
* crayons and pens (also mostly for Remy drawing purposes)
* children's benedryl (leftover from being on the plane, but I feel like it's a good back, so I'm gonna keep it in there)
* receipt from Remy's dentist appointment last Monday (oops)
* mints and sour fruit candy 
* dental floss
* honey lip balm
* two wifi devices (my old galaxy player and iPod touch) because long car ride - except he ended up playing angry birds go on my phone anyway, because it has the fastest CPU lol
* lens cloth
* our Legoland passes
* loose change and Lego pieces 

And this brings me to the point, which is this:

Even the insides of my purse are beautiful. Beauty surrounds me, even in the insides of my purse, which is the practicality of my life. 

(This is not the best photo, but if I'd used the dslr and fancy lens, I coulda gone that way. It's the weekend, so I just went with my phone. Easy peasy lemon squeasy is beautiful, too.)