seeing patterns in chaos

This is me, seeing what isn't there in what is there. Seeing what is there in what isn't. Finding the inexplicable patterns. 

This is one of my strengths - finding patterns other people miss, particularly in texts. Figuring out the mystery. Puzzling out the meta-meaning behind the chaos of plot. 

This is why creative commitment is so important in my life, because finding those patterns is much easier when I stay in practice. This is why I began journaling when I was in high school, and kept with it in college. It may not have made academics easier, but it kept me in practice. 

This is how I write, still. Blogging, poeming, journaling, fictioning: bringing the pattern-finding into my own thoughts, puzzling out the intent and then focusing on that (hidden) core, bringing the right words to the reader's attention, one sentence at a time. 

(This means I am not an easy-read.)

This is my personal photographic process, too. To intertwine patterns in the surrealism of multiple exposure. There are four layers of patterns in this image. More, if you count the multiple patterns within each individual photo. To layer them together, making complexity, making intricate patterns that please me, because finding them is fun. That's how my brain works. 

This is how patterns are found, or made, deep within the pandemonium of life.