three (being here)

I am pretty sure my purpose in being here is to be here. 

Nothing extra. Just being. 

By being, I can embrace what it, can adapt myself to what is needed, can be in the moment, as it is, without looking elsewhere for an outside purpose. There's nothing outside this here and now. 

While I'm here, I look for patterns. And finding them, I embrace that they are transitory. Patterns merge, submerge and emerge. Here and then gone. I don't hold on to patterns. I don't protect them, thinking they are precious. They're interesting, but they're not my purpose, either. My purpose is to be here. 

Right now, my here is filled with threes. 

(Three was the prompt for the August Break today. Purpose was the prompt for the Roots 30 days of journaling. Merging, submerging and emerging. Yes.)

I am, right now, a little past halfway through the last year of my 30s. 39. Three and nine, three times three. That's a lot of threes. 

My #lexsurrealsoul14 has been filled with triple exposures, which I started noticing in June. 

Three is also the number of my children (two who aren't here) and of my little family unit. I started reading a new novel today and got to chapter three, where I took a photo and added it to this triple exposure of myself. Three and three. 

No purpose. Just being. 

Three will remain the number of my children and the number of my family, even after I shift to 40. (One remains life, the universe and everything, despite the nifty geekiness of 42.) 

Patterns shift. Change is constant. 

No purpose, just being. 

Within being, there's a world of purpose. The love in each moment. The healing. The consciousness. But that's wrapped up in the being of being. That's extra. Each moment has its own gifts. Being here uncovers the purposes as easily as breathing. Being here is the challenge. Purpose is easy. 

My purpose in being here is to be here.