Yesterday, I decluttered my office area. Put all the things that had accumulated on my desk away. Dusted. Prettified. Now it is super shiny as I sit/ stand here writing. Perfect for a September restart.

Because it felt like a good time to do a full-house reset, I had Remy help me do the same thing with his three main areas (play room, art space and his room).

 And then I vacuumed the downstairs.

Did I mention here that I got us a new Dyson? No? Well, I did over on my instagram/ tumblr. And at great length on my personal Facebook page because Facebook. We got the Animal Canister - it's fabulous. I am hooked.

There wasn't really anything wrong, per se, with our nine year old Dyson except that it was not really made for hard wood floors and as the years went by that functionality decreased. We had been using it as the upstairs (carpeted) vacuum, which was fine, but I really needed to be able to deep clean the hard wood floors, too.

The amount of dust and hair the canister sucked up (after I had just vacuumed a few days before) was rather astonishing. Just like when we first bought the upright Dyson and we nearly fainted with how much hair was in our carpets.

New tools don't create resets - one still has to do the work - but they can sometimes make our work more efficient.

And sometimes efficiency is really worthwhile.

(Especially efficient vacuum cleaners, when you're asthmatic.)